The battle for the North Pole

“It is cool to be cold”

On december 15, 2014 Denmark and Greenland made a joint claim on a huge piece of the seabed below the North Pole. The claim reaches  – all the way to the Russian 200 nautical mile seaborder. Denmark then became the first country in the world to claim ownership of the North Pole. The claim for the 895,000 square kilometers of seabed – more than 20 times the size of Denmark, is controversial, because Russia claims an area in the same area. Several other countries, including; Canada, Norway, USA and China are also interested in what is happening in the area, but in the end it will be the science that determines, which countries have fulfilled their requirements. Luckily there is not anyone that thinks it will come to the military confrontation in the Arctic, but POLARSKOLEN thought it would be fun and educational, to use the historical claim for a game “THE BATTLE FOR THE NORTH POLE”.

The stage is set to the northeastern part of Greenland. The permanently manned station – “Station Nord”. The station is located only 933 km from the North Pole and six expeditions from six different nationalities are flown there in the early spring. They are all waiting to start their expedition, and be the first to reach the North Pole.

During a full day the six countries, will battle each other during different challenges and try out, what it is like to be on a real expedition. After an exhausting day, the expeditions will finally reach the north pole and all participants will receive their diploma as a fully trained Polar Adventurer.

The first expedition started with 7y Store Magleby School in Dragør. It took place close to Copenhagen, Denmark on march 12/13 2015. But, the event can be done every where – there just has to be good space, so we can kick it and have fun.


Christoffer Søe, a leader at Dragør Youth school wrote on Facebook about the event:

Recommended to all schools! POLARSKOLEN`s material is superior to polar teaching, collaboration across disciplines, practical learning, combined with lectures, classical teaching and activity day with expedition theme!