The Expedition

The icecap on Greenland and the sea ice is melting due to climate change. Oil exploration in the Arctic Ocean may pose a threat to the environment.         Denmark and Greenland have jointly claimed a huge area below the North Pole, and there are opportunities for new shipping routes to China.

Come along on the exciting virtual expedition to the Arctic, where we will Explore the challenges and opportunities that Denmark and Greenland is facing.

Click on the image below and join the Expedition! The material is in danish, but give it a tour through Google translate and then it will give good meaning.


The e-book is an EPUB file. It is a flexible format which ensures that the e-book adapts to the different screens and thus offers the best possible reading experience regardless of platforms.

The e-book can be read on a computer, a smartphone or on an e-reader.

How do I read the e-book “Expedition Denmark and Greenland in the new Arctic?”

An e-book is a digital book that is best read on a computer, iPad or a special e-book reader. To read the e-book you must use a reading program and / or a dedicated e-reader, smartphone or iPad.

POLARSKOLEN recommends “Bluefire Reader” to read the e-book on PC, MAC, Android and IOS.

On IOS POLARSKOLEN would also recommend iBooks. If iBooks is not installed on your mobile phone or iPad, go to Itunes and download the app. On Android phones or tablet, we also like to recommend Aldiko. Go to Google Play and download the app.

The e-book “Expedition Denmark and Greenland in the new Arctic” is a so-called ePub format. EPUB format is the most flexible e-book format of all, the text always wraps for your monitor size. So you can both read them on your computer screen and on mobile phones and e-book readers, without your reading experience deteriorates.

Now I have downloaded the program, what do I do?

On iOS you can when you download the browser press “Open in …” and then choose iBooks.

On PC and MAC you must install the program and then open the file with the program.

We hope that you can make it work, so you can join the Expedition and learn about the Arctic. We hope that you will have fun!