About Polarskolen

Increased knowledge about Greenland, the Faroe Islands  and the Arctic

Much of the Arctic land mass and seas belong to the Nordic Region, and the Nordic countries are heavily involved in issues that concern this unique and harsh, but also vulnerable part of the world.

The Arctic is under pressure due to climate change and increased human pressure. Oil, gas and minerals have become more accessible than before. What are the consequences for Greenland, Denmark and the other nations in the Arctic that the sea ice and the icecap in Greenland is melting?

Due to climate change Greenland and Denmark has huge challenges. The Kingdom of Denmark (Denmark, Faroe Islands and Greenland) is challenged and Denmark`s traditional role in the Arctic is under revision. How will Denmark`s relation to Greenland adapt to the fact that Greenland becomes more and more independent? and why has Greenland and Denmark jointly made a claim on the seabed below the North Pole?

These are the kind of questions that POLARSKOLEN (Danish for POLARSCHOOL) would like to put into context for students from 7-10 grade.

POLARSKOLEN is behind the book ‘Expedition Denmark and Greenland in the new Arctic. Here facts meets the personal story and the reader will be taken on a virtual expedition through Greenland and the Arctic. The free e-book version, is easy to work with via smart board, computer or iPad.
It is possible to download a free version of the e-book here on this website. It is also possible via the website www.materialeplatform.emu.dk. 

POLARSKOLEN was founded in 2014, by Polar adventurer and author Gregers Gjersøe. In 2017, Polarskolen was established as a non profit association, with a board of nine members. The purpose of POLARSKOLEN is to communicate and strengthen knowledge of the Arctic, including Greenland and the Faroe Islands as part of the Kingdom of Denmark. To contribute with experiences and challenging teaching materials and educational programs. Relationships in relation to sustainable development and human interaction with nature at local and global level.

Meet the nine board members at the bottom of the page here: http://polarskolen.dk/en/home/

Polarskolen prepares teaching materials and conducts interactive exercises at primary schools in Denmark. The board works voluntarily. 

“Super education. Gregers got the whole class with him for super teaching. Many thanks for exciting and super instructive lessons” Filip, student at POLARSKOLEN